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North of England Oncology Association Event Details

Many years ago, the Committee organised their first Symposium, the first step in meeting their own challenge that every individual involved with cancer deserves the best treatment and the best care.

Eight years later, and after the hard work of the Committee, the 2016 Symposium will bring together speakers of international repute – their findings and views may challenge and bring new possibilities to us, in the pursuit of our continual improvement.

The events have only been possible due to the ongoing support of our pharmaceutical sponsors – be it their presence at the event underlining their commitment to the ongoing educational requirement and aim of the Symposium or in supporting one of the international speakers. We applaud the sponsors support, simply put we would not be able to bring this quality of event which is gathering a national profile without them.

Special mention must be given to the Jo Martin Cancer Care Trust. Not only has this local trust provided support and crucial guidance to the Committee, their ongoing financial support has allowed us to attract leading professionals, both national and international, in the pursuit of delivering high calibre agenda content for the attendees. The joint objective of supporting the education of healthcare professionals underpins our Symposium programme. The Committee greatly appreciates the ongoing input of the Trustees from the Jo Martin Cancer Care Trust.